Best Waste Management Initiative by a Private Organization- Eswachh

Eswachh Awarded Best Waste Management Initiative by a Private Organization

Eswachh Awarded Best Waste Management Initiative by a Private Organization

Turn to Organic Farming & Bring the new green revolution- AMIT SHAH

Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah addressed farmer producer organisation in Gandhinagar through virtual conference. He asked farmers to launch a “new green revolution” by adopting Organic farming.

Eswachh get awarded in Business World RFGT22 Conclave & Awards

Business Awards for Recycling

‘BW Businessworld’ has joined hands with ‘Glasspower Recycling’, the domain specialists, to announce the 1st edition of their annual event ‘Recycling – For Greener Tomorrow, Conclave and Awards 2022’ (RFGT22).

Bumper Harvest of Bell Pepper with Rocket Organic Manure (Case Study)

Happy Organic Farmer

Jatinder Singh Commented that this year they have got better yield and quality of the capsicum. They have got better rates in the market from previous years for their crop.

Eswachh Promotes Rocket Organic manure with Delhiites at Vasant Kunj

Kiosk Set By Eswaschh to Promote Organic Manure

Eswachh Integrated Solution have put up Kiosk on Amrit Mahotsav, an event hosted by South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC). On this Kiosk the Eswachh team promoted home composting and Rocket Organic manure with residents. Multiple Residents liked the manure quality and ordered the organic manure for their garden. As a feedback from few garden lovers/ […]

Eswachh Introduces New Brand of City Compost ESCC

Vegetable Farmers using Eswachh City Compost ESCC

Eswachh Integrated solution is proud announce the launch of their second brand of compost called ESCC.ESCC is the city compost with is manufactured at the plants operated by Eswachh in various cities in India. City Compost is a biodegradable organic fertiliser that is made from plant & vegetable material. The fertiliser provides major nutrients like […]

South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) DC appreciate Eswachh for Mobile Source segregation technology implementation

SDMC Recognise Eswachh for Contribution to Technology based source Segregation

Eswachh was rewarded and appreciated by Shri Bhupesh Chaudhary ( DC South Delhi Municipal Corporation) for innovating the technology solution which brings the change in the behaviour of the residents.

Eswachh Recognised by SDMC for Source Segregation Technology

SDMC Recognise Eswachh for Contribution to Technology based source Segregation

SDMC Recognise Eswachh for Contribution to Technology based source Segregation

Gurugram gets Garbage Free City Award

We would like to congratulate residents of Gurugram you for Getting the Award for Garbage Free City at Amrut Mahotsav, Our campaign for ZERO WASTE GURUGRAM which was executed by MCG & Eswachh with multiple NGOs, RWAs, activists and Administration helped to get this award.

Gurugram awarded with Garbage Free City Award

Eswachh Garbage Free City Award

It feels very proud to know that our city is getting rewarded for waste management. Your Contribution to ZERO WASTE GURUGRAM has made it possible. We thank all the residents, volunteers, NGOs, partners & MCG Administration who made this possible.

US Report on climate change puts India on high risk & concern

The first-ever US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on climate also says India and China will play important roles in determining the trajectory of global temperature rise

The first-ever US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on climate also says India and China will play important roles in determining the trajectory of global temperature rise

China Export of Fertilizer will affect Indian Farmers.

Pesticide and Chemical Fertilizer put on Vegetables

Chinese Authorities are forcing new obstacles for fertilizer exporters in the midst of developing worries over flooding power costs and food creation, a move that could deteriorate a worldwide value shock and food swelling.

Eswachh attends the meeting for Waste Management Companies with MCG

Zero Waste

Eswachh is an emplaned agency with MCG and has shown growth in waste management solution. The Unique solution offered by Eswachh to all the BWG is getting liked and implemented in Gurugram.

Cabinet approves AMRUT 2.0 and Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban) 2.0 until 2025-26

Prime Minister Modi Launches SBM2.0

Cabinet approves AMRUT 2.0 and Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban) 2.0 until 2025-26

ULBs can become more effective by the use of Technology, Anil Vij

Anil Vij, ULB Minister

Haryana urban local bodies (ULB) Minister, Anil Vij coordinated the authorities of the ULB office to utilize advanced innovation to make the office more compelling.

Niti Ayog Launches Handbook on Sustainable Urban Plastic Waste Management (PWM)

NITI Ayog Launches Sustainable Urban Plastic Waste Management

NITI Aayog- United Nations Development Programme, UNDP Handbook on Sustainable Urban Plastic Waste Management in New Delhi. It provides a comprehensive overview of managing plastic waste by representing and discussing components of the entire plastic waste value chain

Excess use of chemical fertilizer & pesticides harming human health.

Pesticide and Chemical Fertilizer put on Vegetables

a large number of dangerous pesticides are utilized in cauliflower, yardlong beans, and other off-season vegetables. If excessive amounts of pesticides are detected, we will take the control of the vegetables and will quarantine them Tests are done on the quarantined vegetables every two days to assess the pesticide

Swachh Survekshan 2022 Launched

Swachh Survekshan 2022

Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) launched the seventh consecutive edition of Swachh Survekshan (SS), the world’s largest urban cleanliness survey conducted by Swachh Bharat Mission-Urban (SBM-U) at New Delhi today. Designed with ‘People First’ as its driving philosophy, Swachh Survekshan 2022 is curated towards capturing the initiatives of cities […]

SDMC & ITC WoW Facilitate Eswachh with Swachh Sahas Award

Eswachh Amrit Mahotsav

SDMC is now focusing on source segregation and mobilising the workforce for Zero Waste city. SDMC and ITC WoW has partnered with Eswachh Integrated solutions to implement a contactless waste collection management system.

MCG facilitate Eswachh on Amrit Mahotsav

Eswachh Awarded certificate by MCG

Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) celebrated Amrit Mahotsav on 1 Oct 2021, The event organized by MCG was conducted by Buland awaz NGO. In this event, several NGOs and Wards participated showcasing their products like

E-waste Boileacing: Using bacteria to recycle precious metals

Bacteria can oxidise Metals

By using non-toxic bacteria to oxidize and recover the precious metals – a process known as ‘bioleaching’. Scientist shown that copper is widely recoverable from discarded e-waste,

PM to launch Swachh Survekshan 2022, SBM2.0

Swachh Survekshan 2022

Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi will be launching SBM2.0 today at Amrit Mahotsav. The Highlights of this SBM 2.0 are

Eswachh Start End-to-End waste management at Carlton Estate Gurugram

Eswachh Start Waste management at Carlton Estate

Carlton Estate Condominium Association of Carlton Estate selected Eswachh Integrated Solutions after evaluating all the waste management companies in Gurugram.

Eswachh participates in Amrit Mahotsav organized by SDMC

Amrit Mahotsav

The Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is an intensive, countrywide campaign that will focus on citizen
participation, to be converted into a ‘Janandolan’, where small changes, at the local level, will add up
to significant national gains.

Rocket Organic Manure Getting Used in Commercial Farming

Rocket Organic Manure getting used in Poly House Farming

Rocket Organic Manure helps to maintain Soil Structure and Texture. It Releases the minerals to roots slowly and helps in faster germination and fruitification.

Eswachh & ITC WOW Conducts workshop for Dwarka Societies

On 19th Sept 2021, Eswachh along with E Shree Foundation and ITC WOW conducted a workshop for the RWA’s of Sector 22 at Jaypee CGHS in Dwarka. The aim of this workshop was to create awareness in the Societies and apartments towards source segregation and Zero Waste concepts.

Above 90% Source Segregation, Says Waste Collector from Sector 27 Gurugram

Door-to-Door Collection

Eswachh has implemented a source segregation technology platform for Door-to-door waste collection known as the Contactless Waste Collection management system (WCMS). With this Initiative the Behaviour of the residents has been changed to give segregated waste on daily basis.

Eswachh Participates in CSE workshop (C&D Waste and Dust Control)

CSE Eswachh Workshop

Center for Science and Environment (CSE) conducted a workshop for various ULBs and academia of Construction management. The current construction chain including construction and demolition (C&D) waste management, site management for dust control, planning and development of related infrastructure among others in most cities is resource-inefficient and environmentally insensitive

95% Segregated waste collection by Eswachh from Gurugram (Sector-27)

Zero Waste City Gurugram

Eswachh has been part of ZERO WASTE DAY in Gurugram also and during the campaign, the Amount of Wet waste collected was up to 200+ Tons

Earn 6 Lakh per Acre by cultivation Stevia (Used in Diabaties medicine)

Stevia Farming and Rocket Organic Manure

In the midst of the Corona crisis, if you have only one acre of agricultural land, then you can earn up to Rs 6 lakh from farming every year. For this, today we will tell you about the cultivation of such medicinal plant, from which you can earn many times more profit than the cost. […]

Solar pumps are given to farmers at 75% subsidy

Solar Pump Eswachh

The Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has launched the Kusum scheme, It has gained momentum in the country. Under this scheme, solar pumps are given to farmers on 75% subsidy, due to which the cost of agriculture is reduced, as well as farmers can irrigate crops uninterruptedly. Due to the subsidy given by […]

Odisha Paradime Shift to Decentralized waste Management

Decentralised Waste management in Odisha

Odisha, like any Indian state, was struggling to manage its municipal solid waste on a day-to-day basis. The eastern state generates 1,935 tonnes of waste per day, out of which 54.2 percent is organic waste and the rest is inorganic. This large pile of waste was either lying inside wards of the cities or getting […]

Dragon Fruit can be Grown on Terrace gardens & Home Gardens

Dragon Fruit Farming

Gardening lovers in Kerala who are planting dragon fruit, which has emerged as an excellent crop in the closing few years. With dragon fruit farming catching up in Kerala in a huge way, without industrial farmers, the range of human beings who are developing it in their residences are additionally going up.

In 15th Finacial Commission: ₹ 1.42-trillion tied grant to villages for water, sanitation:

n order to push tap water supply and better sanitation facilities in villages, the 15th Finance Commission has recommended a Rs 1.42-trillion tied grant to local rural bodies and panchayats for the next five years (from 2021–22 to 2025–26)

Don’t Forget Swachh Bharat amid COVID Says PM

Swachh Bharat Mission Prime Minister Narendra Modi

In his monthly ‘Mann ki Baat’ radio broadcast, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged the people of India to maintain the “success of ‘Swachh Bharat’ mission” amid the Covid-19 pandemic. “Let us all countrymen strive to further this momentum as much as we can, contributing whatever we can. Let us transform the mantra of […]

Tamil Nadu Municipality gets Solar Vehicles For Garbage Collection, Miyawaki Forest

Kallakudi municipality located near Trichy has recently received the award for the best municipality by Chief Minister MK Stalin. We came to be known that it has a village called Dalmiapuram

Garden Lovers: Best flower Plants to Grow in Rainy Season

Marigold farming using Rocket Organic Manure

Greenery is seen everywhere in the rainy season. Green plants all around not only give comfort to the eyes, they also protect the environment from getting polluted. Have you ever noticed that as soon as the monsoon arrives, plants grow on the empty land around it, the grass becomes grass all around? Actually, the rainy […]