Eswachh Presented with certificate for doing good work in Waste Management.
Eswachh Presented with a certificate for doing good work in Waste Management.

Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) celebrated Amrit Mahotsav on 1 Oct 2021, The event organized by MCG was conducted by Buland awaz NGO. In this event, several NGOs and Wards participated showcasing their products like
– Thela Bank, where the Markets have started using cloth bags instead of Plastic bags.
– Products Prepared from Waste Material
– Bartan Bank, where the steel utensils are given for events

Cheif guest of the function Additional commissioner Shree Rohtash Bishnoi facilitated the Swachhta worriers and organization working in gurugram in waste management.

Eswachh Awarded at Amrit Mahotsav

Eswachh Integrated solutions was awarded in Amrit Mahotsav with certificate for doing good work in the area of composting and waste collection mamanagement system.

Certificate awarded to Eswachh Integrated Solution for Waste Management
Certificate awarded to Eswachh Integrated Solution for Waste Management

What Does Eswachh Do?

Eswachh is into end-to-end waste management and offers services from Door-to-door collection, segregation, composting & Material recovery. Eswachh is also consulting Cities & ULBs & State govt on waste management using technology. With the use of technology, the ULBs get transparency and productivity but they are also able to see the audit trail of the waste. They are able to identify the residents and outlets that are not doing source segregation.

How Eswachh is changing the Wet Waste Composting Landscape?

Eswachh has pioneered the technology of wet waste composting, The Process and technology used by Eswachh complete the process in 15 days and make it odorless also. Unlike other waste management companies, the Process does not involve the burning of wet waste or Chemicals. The Compost produced by the Eswachh process meets all the 22 parameters of FCO 1985.Getting manure tested from NABL certified lab is part of the composting process.

How RWA/ Appartments/ Condomoniums engage with Eswachh?

Any BWG can signup with Eswachh by signing an agreement with Eswachh. Eswachh works with BWGs with various models.

– End-To-End Waste Management
– In Situ Composting of Wet Waste
– Community Composting of Wet waste
– Decentralised Wet Waste Composting
– Consultancy for Wet waste composting

Few Photo from this event

Thela Bank in Gurugram