Due to an improper processing method and inadequate processing effort, organic waste has led to a series of environmental problems and social issues including occupying the land, polluting water, soil and atmosphere, transmitting disease, causing public health and so forth, affecting the stability and healthy development of the economy to some extent. The Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) system is based on the waste management hierarchy (see figure below), with the aim to reduce the amount of waste being disposed of, while maximizing resource
recovery and efficiency

What’s worse? Organic wastes contain the affluent substance of energy source that can cause secondary pollution as well as a huge waste of resources under the traditional process mode (like burying wastes in landfill). In addition, organic wastes can generate methane from anaerobic decomposition after dumped in landfill, and the methane would become a greenhouse gas (72 times the greenhouse effect higher than C02) after released into the air.

Obviously, this processing mode cannot adapt to the developing requirements of the current sustainable economy and society.

Generally speaking, organic wastes, also called green wastes, refer to organic and waste materials produced during the process of production and life activities that people engaged in, mainly containing crop straw, organic household garbage, human and animal manure, etc. With the fast development of the economy and continuous improvement of people’s living standard, the quantity of organic waste has also increased dramatically with each passing year.

Around 50% of household wastes and 30% of all wastes we throw away are organic, which represents so much wasted resources that fills limited landfill space.

Our solution is “Cure-VS”, a Serum owned and developed by a group of Indian scientists engaged in the development of various solutions which are 100% organic in nature. It is not a Bio-Enzyme but a divine solution which is a mix of Aerobic and Anaerobic bacteria ensuring the least emission of harmful gases and resulting 100% organic compost, prepared naturally in quickest possible time and meeting all Fertilizer Control Order (FCO) parameters.

Cure-VS helps in converting waste to compost, leaving nothing other than Plastic, Glass, Metal and Concrete to be recycled…Yes! it has been tried on meat bones, coconut shells, cigarette buds, Jute, cardboard, and chewing gums too.

We provide composting services to Municipal Corporations, RWAs, residential societies and corporates. We have developed our own vertical composting methods to work in minimal space and generate maximum good quality output.