Resource Recovery Consultancy

Waste is waste till it is seen as waste, we believe that it is a resource to be judicially Recovered, Re-used, and Recycled in communities and industries around the world. Together with the efficient management of resource facilities and streams, aligned, can lead to sustainable development.

The need to minimize the generation of waste and harnessing the value in materials previously thought of as waste, underpins the current global approach to waste management, what we like to coin as Resource Recovery Management.

ESWACHH’s comprehensive range of services, from planning and design to monitoring and project management, helps our clients deliver and operate essential resource recovery facilities, while also returning long-term benefits to communities and the environment.

Our globally connected team of resource management professionals delivers robust solutions to government and private sector clients, to boost efficiency and drive sustainability. We are committed to providing our clients with a service that is uniquely tailored to each situation.

Our services include:

  • Resource generator services including characterization, audits and tracking services
  • Resource management plans for all types of developments and industries
  • Development and review of policy and regulations
  • Strategic planning for new resource facilities, encompassing business case development, options assessment and siting studies, legislative approvals and impact assessment
  • Design and documentation for recycling and utilization facilities, such as transfer stations, resource recovery centers, landfills, materials recovery facilities, including organic wastes, mixed solid waste and energy from waste facilities and other alternative waste technologies (AWT).
  • Specialist engineering advice on issues such as landfill gas, leachate, landfill capping systems and liners, storm water, groundwater, geotechnical and environmental issues.
  • Operational support including operational management plans, environmental advice, regulator liaison, environmental compliance monitoring.

We work with an intent to make a tangible impact on how well the resources are recovered causing no harm to the environment, our team of talented professionals is industry experts who have spent time not only in the sector but have evolved new-age technologies needed at the current times.

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