Our Waste Collection Management System (RCMS), better known as Swachh Nagar App is the most efficient and transparent method of resource collection, currently in deployment in some parts at Gurugram and Faridabad. We provide the app and dashboard to all stakeholders, maintain it and on-ground execution of App is done by Eswachh Team.
Advantages of this WCMS are:

  1. Evidence of 100% Door To Door Collection everyday with Audit Trail including Segregated waste collection from the source.
  2. Real-Time Reports
    1. Performance & Productivity of the Vehicles/ Drivers
    2. On-time Operations of Drivers
    3. Complete Digital Track of the Vehicle Route
    4. Defect Reports ( Breakdown/ Late Start/ Trip)
    5. Violation report
      1. Excess Waiting
      2. GPS/ Data Switch off
      3. Late Reporting
    6. Customer Complaints Received 
      1. Response SLA
      2. Resolution SLA
  3. Compliance Report of Vehicles and Drivers
  4. Waste Segregation Report of the Citizens
  5. Notice and Challans Generated 
    1. Daily Report of Notice and Challans
    2. Recovery Report filled by Municipality Staff

Our App has been widely appreciated as below:

  1. Inhouse Technology Platform
    1. Changes Behaviour of Citizens to provide Segregated waste within 30 Days
    2. Maintains audit trail of waste.
  2. Started Collection & Manuring of  10 TPD in Gurugram & Faridabad
  3. Proven Success letter from MCG for Manuring and Collection Process.
  4. Nominated as best project at Planet heroes. (UNHABITAT supported project)
  5. Special recognition by MCG at Swachhta Utsav
  6. Appreciated by Swachh Bharat Mission Director and the I.T team at Swachh Bharat Mission, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.
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