Cure-VS Serum

Eswachh has created a serum (Cure-VS) which is combination of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria (Patent Pending). This serum has multiple variants for multiple application. The main USP of this serum is to make the process faster and odourless process.

Cure-VS Serum
Cure-VS Serum
What IS CURE-vs

CureVS is a serum which has been developed as 100% organic unique combination of micro-organisms to work on Wet waste, sewage, septic tanks and landfills of garbage; effectively and efficiently converting all organic waste into a profitable and useful manure. The composting process involves four main components: organic mattermoistureoxygen, and bacteria. Cure-VS a combination of Aerobic & Anaerobic bacteria which helps in odourless and fast composting process.

Cure-VS has multiple variants for various applications like

  • Solid Waste Management
  • Sewage Water Treatment
  • Stubble Management
Storage & Handling 
  • To be only stored in containers supplied by the Company.
  • To be stored under shade away from direct sunlight.
  • To be kept away from acids, bases or any other chemicals and not to be diluted with any other material.
  • Keep the container closed immediately after use.
  • To be sprayed and not poured.
  • To be aerated once in three days by only opening the lid twice a week and closing, if not in use.
Directions of Use
  • Spray or sprinkle the specified quantity on the waste.
  • Make a pile or windrow or a bucket with very small aeration holes for air to pass.
  • Cover to protect from water or rains and let the waste rest for four days under any shed. If using a bucket, do not cover bucket with any lid for aeration to take place.
  • Check the temperature by putting your hand up to elbow, and if its hotter than warm water, then turn the waste inside out.
  • Overturn the waste after every fourth day or till 12th Day or if the temperature of waste is still high.
  • Let the converted manure dry under open sun for 2-3 days and then organic manure is ready for use.

Cure-VS Variants 

Paralli Or Stubble is a big problem for farmers, they have to prepare the land for new seeding within 15-20 days of harvest. In that duration the stubble has to be managed and not put on fire. CURE-VS ( Stubble Version) is a serum that helps the farmers to decompose the Stubble in record 15 [...]

Cure-VS ( Liquid Waste) is a special variant that has been created to treat septage water. One requires 1 liter of CURE-VS-LW to be put into 1000 Liters of septage water. Within few hours the process starts working and removes the bad odor of sewage, In the next 5-6 days the waste is converted to [...]

A unique serum developed by combining micro-organisms for the conversion of waste to manure. Works in Individual units, decentralized units, and Landfills.

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