Eswachh has implemented a source segregation technology platform for Door-to-door waste collection known as the Contactless Waste Collection management system (WCMS). With this Initiative the Behaviour of the residents has been changed to give segregated waste on daily basis.

Currently, India has very poor Source segregation numbers and majorly it is due to citizens don’t know much about source segregation. Eswachh partners with various NGOs and Local Bodies to educate their residents.

Source Segregation leads to higher recovery of recyclables hence saving the limited virgin natural resources and landfill space. Source segregated waste also enables a hygienic environment for handling of waste by waste workers thus supporting dignified livelihood opportunities.

Under Swachh Bharat Mission all ULBs are responsible for getting the Source Segregation done.

What is the Challange in Source Segregation?

Municipal staff and field workers all feel that though they are engaged round the clock in sweeping, cleaning drains and lifting waste regularly, ‘It is the People who have to be blamed’ : they are apathetic, do not segregate and throw waste anywhere, everywhere and at any time. They feel unempowered and unable to collect user charges or enforce discipline through penalties.
Citizens everywhere complain that even when they make an effort to give wastes separately, workers take what they want, mix all waste together “in front of our eyes” and simply dump it outside the town or burn it. They complain of irregular and unpunctual service and resent paying more for their waste to be simply dumped on others when they already pay taxes.
Both service providers and service receivers yearn for better management.

How the Challange has been solved for source segregation?

The Technology developed by Eswachh tracks every household segregation status and makes the process contactless also. The residents get Notifications and SMS before the waste collectors come to their house, this way the residents are ready with the waste before the waste collectors come to their house. This technique saves the wait time of the waste collector and makes them more productive. The Waste collectors are also happy as they get segregated waste which also saves their effort to manage waste.


Source Segregated Waste collection Done at Sec 27 Gurugram