Eswachh along with E Shree Foundation and ITC WOW conducted a workshop for the RWA's of Sector 22 at Jaypee CGHS in Dwarka
Workshop Conducted in SDMC area by Eswachh, ITC WOW, and E Shree for Source Segregation

On 19th Sept 2021, Eswachh along with E Shree Foundation and ITC WOW conducted a workshop for the RWA’s of Sector 22 at Jaypee CGHS in Dwarka. The aim of this workshop was to create awareness in the Societies and apartments towards source segregation and Zero Waste concepts.
This Workshop was arranged on behalf of South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) by ITC WOW. Mr. Khullar AE from SDMC was part of this workshop and educated the RWA’s about their responsibility towards Solid Waste Management.

The aim of this workshop was to create awareness in the Societies

ITC’s Well-being Out of Waste (WOW) initiative promotes awareness about the importance of source segregation and recycling and establishes systems to ensure effective practice. It collaborates with local municipalities to train waste workers and rag-pickers in these concepts and to provide an efficient collection system that covers virtually all segments: households, offices, schools, hospitals, commercial establishments, etc.

E Shree Foundation NGO is engaged in imparting capacity building, raising awareness, training for different stakeholders like Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs), Educational institutions, Corporates, Government offices, Commercial establishments and waste handlers on segregation & disposal of waste

Eswachh is the implementation partner in solid waste management, The unique technology of the Contactless waste Collection Management (CWCMS) System developed by Eswachh allows the stakeholders to change the behavior of the entire households and identify the non-compliant household.

Mr. CP Singh Presented the presentation which covered the following

  • Solid Waste Management 2016
  • Resposibilities of Bulk Waste Generators
  • Why waste mamanagement ( Geregation) has to be done at Source.
  • How to Implement Contactless Waste Collection Management System (CWCMS).
  • How RWA can do Home Composting, In Situ Composting and Community Composting.

RWA’s Queries were answered by Mr. Vijay ( E Shree) and Mr. Umakant (ITC WOW). All the RWA promised to Implement Zero Waste Concept in their Societies.

Eswachh helps the Appartments to adopt the Zero Waste Concept where the Waste is Segregated at Source in four categories and then Processed by Respective agencies.

  • Wet Waste comprising of Kitchen Vegetables , food items & Horticulture waste
  • Dry Waste comprising of Plastic, Paper, Metal, Rubber etc…
  • Bio-Hazardous Waste compricing of Medical waste, Diapers, Medicines , Paint Box…
  • E-waste comprising of Laptps, Calculators, TV….

With CWCMS system in place, the Source Segregation of waste is achieved to 95% which enables the RWAs to compost the wet waste to high-grade manure and use to for their campus horticulture Activity. Eswachh has developed its own serum which does the composting in 15 days and the process is Orderless (One of the big concerns raised by residents)
Eswachh is also coming up with a facility to segregate the dry waste further into 16 categories and handing over the segregated dry waste to Authorised Re-Cycling agencies. Bio Hazardous waste is handed over to a different agency that is responsible for incinerating the waste and E-waste is handed over to a recycler authorized by SDMC to process the E-Waste.

When all the categories of waste are processed by the respective agencies, The RWA is able to Achieve the Zero waste concept. Eswachh will be issuing an annual certificate to all RWAs who achieve Zero Waste status, this status will be recognized & endorsed by South Delhi Municipal Corporation also.