Farmers in India desperately searching for India’s second-most consumed fertilizer after urea.

Farmers in India desperately searching for India’s second-most consumed fertilizer after urea. Containing 46% phosphorous, which is necessary for root establishment and growth, farmers mostly apply DAP as a basal dose before sowing.

Farmers who go to sell paddy (currently being harvested) normally bring back DAP for their next wheat crop on the same tractor trolleys to save on burning diesel. But this time, they are all returning empty, Farmers require about 110 kg of urea, 50 kg of DAP and 20 kg of MOP (muriate of potash) for every acre of wheat. “The first dose of urea can be given 25-26 days after sowing. But DAP cannot wait and we need it well before sowing starts the first week of November

The picture projected by farmers – there are viral media videos of lathi charges and even trucks being raided – is consistent with the stocks position of key nutrients, as per the government’s own data.

Opening stocks for this month were less than half of their year-ago levels in the case of DAP and MOP, while also lower for urea and NPKS complexes

The landed price of imported DAP in India is now $675-680 per tonne (cost plus freight), compared to $370 at this time last year. MOP was imported at $230 per tonne a year ago, whereas it is available for not less than $500 today

The best way out of this situation is to apply organic manure as a basal dose. This not only improves the soil quality but texture also. The porous nature of Organic manure helps the air circulation on the top layer of the soil.

Eswachh is into manufacturing of Organic manure from Kitchen waste, Unlike Vermicompost this organic manure does not have pathogens, herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides. Rocket organic manure is meeting all the fertilizer control order 1985 parameters. India can save multiple billion dollars annually if the farmers start using organic fertilizers.

The Biggest fear of the Farmers is that their crop yield will decrease if they switch to organic manure, There have been many studies and practical testimonials from various farmers who have started using organic manure the yield has increased.