Climate change Causes floods of unimaginable nature.
Climate change Affecting India

India has witnessed the worst weather condition in the last few weeks including Uttarakhand and Kerala. In One of its first times, US Intelligence has Identified India as one of the countries “highly vulnerable” and ability to prepare to respond to the environmental crisis caused due to climate change.

The first-ever US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on climate also says India and China will play important roles in determining the trajectory of global temperature rise while glossing over the West’s contribution to the crisis, even as it warns that global warming will increase geopolitical tensions and risks to US national security in the period up to 2040.

Climate change Causes floods of unimaginable nature.
Climate change Causes floods of unimaginable nature.

China and India… are the first and fourth-largest emitters, respectively, and both are growing their total and per capita emissions, whereas the United States and EU-as the second-and third-largest-are declining,” the report says, while acknowledging both countries are incorporating more renewable and low-carbon sources into their energy mix

Landfills waste are also one of the largest contributors to Emissions, Form any landfill Methan emitted is 40% and carbon dioxide is 50% both are greenhouse gases. India has put Swachh Bharat Mission 2.0 ( SBM2.0) which is focusing on this issue.

As per the UN Report for every one ton of waste reaching it emits 2.93 tons of greenhouse gases for life time and India generated 64 Million Metric tons of Waste annually. The challenge is huge but can be overcome by smart technologies.

Eswachh is working in the waste management space, The company is helping ULBs and RWAs to achieve a Zero waste Concept, Where the waste os processed and Zero waste is sent to landfills. Eswachh has multiple usp which allows waste management in a tangible way.

With more and more ULBs taking up the concept of Zero Waste, India will be able to substantially reduce the carbon emissions.