Shri Bhupesh Chaudhary Appreciating Eswachh for Implementation of Source Segregation Technology

Eswachh has been working in the space of tracking of source segregation from each household in Sec22 Dwarka. The Mobile based ERP system is called Contactless Waste Collection Management System (WCMS) which tracks all segregation status of each household giving the waste. With Implementation of this technology one is able to achieve 95% plus segregation at source, this solves lot of issues like improving the lifestyle of rag-pickers and composting of the wet waste.
Eswachh was rewarded and appreciated by Shri Bhupesh Chaudhary ( DC South Delhi Municipal Corporation) for innovating the technology solution which brings the change in the behaviour of the residents.

Eswachh has developed proprietary technology to manage the waste management process. With the help of this technology the RWA & Eswachh team will be able to

– Monitor the waste collection process.
– View the overall segregation status of the Residents.
– Identify the residents who are giving mixed waste.
– Measure the Waste collected and how it got processed.
– Ensure Zero Waste to landfill.

The waste collected from all households is source segregated and in 4 major categories
– Wet Waste Comprising of Vegetables & kitchen waste
– Dry Waste comprising of paper/ cardboard/ metal/ plastic/ glass/ rubber
– Bio-Hazardous/ Medical Waste comprising of Sanitary napkins/ Diaper/ Medicines/ Injections/ Blades/ Paints..
– E-Waste Comprising of Old batteries/ laptops/ Calculators/ Electronic items
The complex has large green spaces the Horticulture waste generated will be dried and converted to brown material which is used in the composting process.