China Monthly Fertilizer Import and Export Report in first half of 2016
Export of Fertilizer is on Hold in China due to new Regulations starting Oct 15

Chinese Authorities are forcing new obstacles for fertilizer exporters in the midst of developing worries over flooding power costs and food creation, a move that could deteriorate a worldwide value shock and food swelling.

Some Chinese fertilizer cargoes ready to be shipped are being held up by Chinese authorities for additional checks or to obtain new export certificates, according to people familiar with the matter. The supplies will either end up being sold on the domestic china market or face delays in being exported.

The new measures executed by Chinese specialists follow a traditions guideline that kicked in on Oct. 15 requiring extra review of manure sent out. It likewise follows a notification from the National Development and Reform Commission, China’s top financial organizer, that called for stable manure supplies and costs given its significance to rural creation and food security.

The price of Urea has jumped to a record on strong demand

China’s move to curb fertilizer exports will be felt around the world as it is a key supplier of urea, sulphate and phosphate, accounting for about 30% of global trade. The biggest buyers of China’s fertilizers include India, Pakistan and countries in Southeast Asia.

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