Rocket Organic Manure: Video Testimonial: Faster Growth

Good Harvest from Rocket Manure

In this video, she is informing that she has used Rocket Organic Manure for her kitchen garden and within 45 days she is harvesting the vegetables with excellent growth. She has started harvesting the vegetables and is very satisfied with the results of Rocket organic Manure.

Rocket Organic Manure Testimonial: Sukhwinder Kaur a Poly House Farmer

Rocket Organic Manure Testimonials

In this video, she is informing that she has used Rocket Organic Manure for a Creeper and it has given excellent Growth to the Plant. She recommends Rocket Organic manure to all garden lovers as this does not require any chemical fertilizer to be used and the product is 100% organic

MCG conducts Webinar for Bulk Waste Generators (BWGs)

MCG Eswachh meeting with BWG

ipal corporation of Gurugram (MCG) Swachh Bharat Mission ( SBM) division conducted a webinar for all the Bulk Waste Generators. Recently MCG had issued notices to all the BWGs who are doing waste management as per the SWM 2016 rules.

Israeli company launched affordable portable drip irrigation kit for small farmers

Subsidy on Drip Irrigation System

Israeli company Netafim has introduced a portable drip irrigation kit for smart irrigation for small farmers in India. Small farmers can install this kit at an affordable cost

Himachal is not doing Effective Disposal of Solid Waste Management as per CAG

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India in its report tabled in the Himachal assembly recently has pointed out that the management of solid waste by the urban local bodies (ULBs) of the state was not effective in controlling disposal of waste in a scientific manner and keeping the urban areas clean

Notification on Single-Use Plastic, Ban on bags less than 120 Microns

Single Use Plastic Banned in India

Govt Of India single-use plastic-free by 2022 and Single-use plastic waste menace of huge uncollected, Center notified ban on the use of ‘single-use plastic items from July 1 next year and increased thickness of polythene bags from 50 microns to 120 microns. The thickness clause will be implemented in a phasewise manner in two phases, beginning September 30.

4,372 ULBs in the country practicing scientific disposal in waste management

Municipal Solid Waste

As per the data published by Prasar Bharti News about waste management in India. 4,372 Urban Local Bodies /Cities in the country practicing scientific disposal of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). As per the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Rules, 2016. Municipal Solid waste is collected by door-to-door collection in the ULbs. Post the collection the waste […]

Get Govt. Subsidy up to ₹25000 for a rooftop garden

Rooftop Top Garden Organic Manure

Eswachh integrated solution offers Rocket Organic Manure to garden lovers, This Organic Manure is made from vegetable waste and meets all the FCO 2009 Parameters. This Organic Manure is Available on online platforms like Amazon, Snapdeal, Eswachh Website & Platform.

Indoor Plants reduce stress and cure imbalanced heart rates.

Today people prefer plants to enhance the beauty of their living places. Keeping green plants at home or office is becoming a trend. Let me tell you that plants not only enhances the beauty of a particular place, but also reduces stress and cures imbalanced heart rate.

Manage Wet Waste, which comprises of 50% of Waste Generated in any ULB

In most developing nations, squander is overseen by government bodies who assign a lot of assets however seldom acquire the ideal outcomes. Considering this issue, this article investigates the connection between natural arrangement and firms occupied with strong waste administration by examining the instance of four firms in the SWM business in India. Five variables […]

Jajpur’s striking performance in Urban sanitation

Jajpur’s striking performance in Urban sanitation

Vyasnagar is a small municipality in the Jajpur district of Odisha, achieved the Open Defecation Free ++ status (ODF plus plus), India also inched closer to its dreams and aspirations. Each time a city or little district performs well on any boundaries of city flexibility and maintainable turn of events, it works with the turn […]

Septage Desludging Models: What works and What doesn’t work?

Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant,Eswachh Integrated solution has developed a serum that helps the ULB to treat the Sewage water into potable water which can be used for irrigation.

Jind farmer does organic farming in less water, earning increased

Organic Farmer using Rocket Manure

The Farmer who develop paddy disregarding less accessibility of water for water system and unpredictably exploit underground water. Such farmers can take motivation from the reformist farmer Manjeet Singh of Kharkramji town and get great yields of low water cost crops. In this, the expense is less when contrasted with the paddy crop and the […]

The surge in International Prices of Fertilizer may lead to a shortage of Fertilizer

Farmers Spraying Fertilizer in India

Indian Farmers will have to rely on organic manure/ compost to get same yield from their crops. Govt. India is promoting organic farming and the use of organic manure to ensure less dependency on the imports of fertilizers.
Eswachh is a company with produces Organic manure from vegetables which are waste. The Quality of the organic manure meets all criteria of the Fertilizer control order 2009. The Organic manure produced is better than vermi compost as it is free from pathogens and weeds.

Ensuring 100% Door-To-Door Collection by Oct2-JMC Chief Secretary (CS), Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta

The Chief Secretary (CS), Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta Friday coordinated the Housing and Urban Development Department (H&UDD) to guarantee 100% Door-To-Door assortment of strong waste across all towns and urban areas of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) by October second this year. He said this while leading the eighth gathering of State Level Apex Committee (SLAC) […]

Harvest Marigold (Genda) Flower use Rocket Organic Manure

Marigold farming using Rocket Organic Manure

you ought to have one hectare unit of land (Agriculture Land). you need to have seen flower flowers being employed on most auspicious occasions together with weddings, festivals. This flower is helpful in decoration. the water-soluble vitamin is additionally found in abundance in it, which helps in increasing immunity.

Odisha State farmers face shortage of chemical fertilisers

Eswachh works closely with farmers for them to take up to Organic farming, Eswachh provides information & Know-how to farmers of the way to do organic farming. a number of the state govt. conjointly provide grant to farmers on procurance of organic manure. Eswachh presently features a capability of production of Organic Manure 240 Tons per month. This capability is ramped up as per the market demand.

Why ULBs & Govt. are not able to do Effective Waste Recycling/ Resource Recovery

Resource Recovery from Waste

But the public shouldn’t shoulder the blame, because the ratepayers and governments are effectively subsidizing both the companies that produce the materials and those that purchase them after recycling. That fundamental economic misalignment contributes to these three root challenges to the success of recycling:

PM Kisan Tractor Yojana, the central government is providing 50 percent subsidy under the Kisan Tractor Scheme

Subsidy on Tractors

A large number of farmers in the country do farming by taking tractors on rent. To get rid of this problem of the farmers, the Center has started a scheme to give 50 percent subsidy to the farmers on the purchase of tractors. There is good news for the farmers of the country. The Modi […]

NGT Forms Committee in Gurugram for Unsegregated Waste Dumping

National Green Tribunal

Following a plea alleging failure of authorities in preventing discharge of untreated sewage and dumping of unsegregated waste in Gurugram, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has constituted a committee to look into the matter and furnish a report. A Bench headed by NGT chairperson Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel formed a committee to ascertain the factual […]

How to Get Into Zero-Waste Living

Eswachh is an End-To-End waste management company, We have developed state-of-the-art technology to do door-to-door collection which changes the behaviors of the households to give segregated waste. Eswachh has been instrumental in getting the Zero Waste City Program Rolled out in the City of Gurugram. Eswachh worked closely with residents and waste collectors to ensure segregated waste gets collected.

There are multiple posts dedicated to all the things we can buy to be zero waste. This is not one of them. Yes, sometimes the things that we buy are helpful in reducing our waste now and in the future – such as reusable produce bags or a compost bin. Buying things can be necessary. Consumables (things like dishcloths, scrubbing brushes, handwash) run out, and need to be replaced.

Video Testimonial of Bhupinder Kaur Poly House Farmer

Farmer using Rocket Organic Manure

Bhupinder Kaur is a women poly house farmer in Kharar, Mohali. She has been doing farming for the last 4 years and has tried using Rocket Organic Manure for Growing onions. She found that by using Rocket Manure the farmers are able to Get Faster Germination- Faster Growth of Plants.

Get Ready for Swachh Bharat Mission Version 2(SBM2.0)

Swachh Bharat Gramin Version2

The Mission aims to achieve Swachh Bharat by 2019, as a fitting tribute to the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, which in rural areas shall mean improving the levels of cleanliness in rural areas. Users can find information on the Mission’s physical progress, financial progress, Panchayat progress.

MCG Gives Notice to All RWA & Appartments for Insitu Composting

Municipal Corporation of Gurugram

Municipal Corporation of Gurugram’s effort to comply with Swachh Bharat Mission has re-started the Initiative to ask all RWA and Bulk Waste Generators to segregate and process the wet waste in-situ. MCG staff is visiting all the Appartments and RWA and handing over the notice to them. Click Here to read the copy of the […]

Reuse your waste ( Be Responsible Citizen)

Personalized gifts always stand out. And with our idea of Corkscrew Keychains, you are absolutely golden. So what are you waiting for, treat yourself and your friends with this creative idea and become the star of your group! Whenever creativity is talked about Eswachh integrated solutions is never one to shy away from it. So […]

Eswachh Participation in Digital CXO Round Table

Eswachh CXO round table conf

Digital CXO Round Table that aims to focus on Business growth through Digital Transformation for the SMEs segment. In a bid to identify the best practices in the domains of Technology innovations and Digital Transformation, the forum is being organized to discuss, brainstorm and dialogue on capturing the leadership expertise and insight towards accelerating the […]

Video Testimonial of Poly House farmer

Germination of Seed using Rocket Organic Manure

Greetings from EswachhEswachh is producing Organic manure from vegetable waste, The Brand under which Eswachh is retailing the Manure is Rocket Energising Soil. Sukhwinder Kaur is a poly-house farmer in Punjab, She does the harvesting of cucumber and capsicum majorly. She has started using Rocket Organic manure in one part of the farm and found […]

Bandhwari a man-made calamity

Citizens Protest Against Bhandwari Landfill

Gurugram has been termed as a millennium city but it has been plagued with old school waste dumping process. The waste collected from all the households is sent to the landfill at Bandwari. The waste gets dumped and produces dangerous greenhouse gases and other toxic fumes. From Last 2 days there has been an uncontrolled […]

Video Testimonial of DLF Horticulture Head

Vinod Kumar Horticulture expert in DLF

Vinod Kumar is Supervisor at DLF City, Phase 2, Gurugram. He planted seasonal flower saplings in the month of Dec, Which was 45 days delayed. He used Rocket manure and Got the Flowering of the Plants on time and the quality of the flowers is also better. Rocket Organic Manure is made from vegetables and […]

Contactless Segregated waste Collection System Reviewed by Swachh Bharat Mission Team

CP Singh Eswachh gives Demo to SBM Team

Swachh Bharat Mission’s Director Mr. Binay Kumar Jha visited Gurugram and saw the contactless segregated waste collection from households being adopted in sector 27 Gurugram operated by M/s Eswachh Integrated Solutions Pvt Ltd and also gave a brief visit at 10TPD wet waste composting plant operated by them.fd Mr. C.P Singh (Co founder & CTO) […]

Eco-Friendly Future

Following an eco-friendly approach is a small thing that you can do to bring about a larger difference. Eswachh Integrated Solutions comes from the same ideology. We believe that our small step will change the future of Waste Management. #environment #sustainable #circulareconomy #wastemanagement #ecofriendly #future

Miyawaki Forest plantation drive

Eswachh Participation on Tree Plantation Drive

Residents of DLF2 planted 660 sq meters of Miyawaki Forest on Green Belt at NH8 today, all are native plants (a unique mix of fruits and medicinal plants). All age groups participated from DLF II and special encouragements came from our kids who took pride in owing the trees with a commitment to taking care […]

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover then Landfills

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover then Landfills

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover then Landfills Eswachh is a responsible waste management company, which works in 5R rules. Eswachh has already demonstrated to few municipalities that by composting the wet waste 50% of the waste problem gets solved and helps in creating the circular economy.Eswachh is a Gurugram based waste management company which is providing […]

Responsible Waste Management

Responsible Waste Management Gurugram

With every citizen doing their bit to reduce the waste in their homes, India can show the way to the rest of the world to responsibly manage waste. Eswachh Integrated Solutions provide End-to-End waste management solution for all size bulk waste generators.

Video Testimonial of Waste Collector

Video Testimonial of the Waste Collector from Sector 27 Gurugram

This interview was done by Eswachh after 30 days into the implementation of their QR-Code Based, Contactless Segregated waste collection system in Sector 27, Gurugram. It has been a big success to measure door to door collection house wise.

Certified Manure

Rocket Energising Soil, Organic Manure made from Vegetables

The Manure produced from the process is regularly tested by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute-IARI (PUSA) . Indian Government has laid down the standard of the Manure that gets generated from the process. Our Manure has got all the parameters, as prescribed as per global and Indian government.Experts from the manuring field have given the […]

Track and Inform Residents

SAAS Based Contactless Waste Door to Door Collection management system

Our System is easy to Implement & Manage. Communicating and Real Time location of waste collector and informing residents is the most important part of collection.

Sewage Water Treatment

Sewage Water treatment with Cure VS Serum

In sewage and septic tanks Cure-VS is poured and after obtaining manure the remaining water can also be poured on plants and vegetables for better yield or processed by STP easily for palatable water.

Press Coverage Eswachh in Faridabad

Eswachh Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd today achieved another milestone by going live in one more ULB of Haryana. Our service of Contactless waste collection management system (WCMS) was launched by Hon. Shri Yashpal Yadav (DC Faridabad) & Shri Inderjit Kulheria (ACMC Faridabad) at Ward 19.Team@EswachhContact: 9311677844Municipal Corporation of Faridabad

Wet Waste Composting

Composting of wet waste or vegetable waste composting

A unique serum developed by combining micro-organisms for the conversion of waste to manure. Works in Individual units, decentralized units, and Landfills.

Demonstration on how to do Segregation at home.

Contactless Waste Collection Management System

Demonstration Video created by Eswachh Integrated Solutions for social media marketing for RWAs to share the same with their residents for segregation. The video was produced by residents only for their colony. The Video was liked by residents and they started following the segregation process. Eswachh is an Integrated Waste Management company based out of […]