Israeli company Netafim has introduced a portable drip irrigation kit for smart irrigation for small farmers in India. Small farmers can install this kit at an affordable cost. Portable Drip Kit in a Box is designed for small farmers for cultivating up to one acre. Priced at Rs. 21,000-25,000, the kit is available across the country through Netfim’s dealer network, officials said.

The portable drip kit is suitable for all types of crop varieties including vegetables, cucumber, banana and papaya. Through this portable drip kit, Netafim aims to cover 10,000 hectares of land for irrigation and reach 25,000 farmers in the coming year.

Easy to use portable drip kit

In Karnataka, the company intends to reach an additional 5 percent of the farming community and cover about 1,500 hectares of marginal agricultural land under drip irrigation. Designed to irrigate fields of 4,500 square metres, the light weight and portable drip kit can be easily installed.

Water consumption will be less

The main part of the kit is Flexnet. It is a leak-proof flexible mainline and manifold piping solution that provides precise water distribution solutions. Due to this the water consumption is reduced. Also improves crop performance efficiency through improved system performance. Crops get full water through drip irrigation. Because of this, their development also takes place in a better way.

Designed for small farmers

Netafine states that weeding and muddy spots are reduced by the installation of a drip kit. Randhir Chauhan, Managing Director, Netafim said, “We understand that most farmers in India have a piece of land less than an acre. Such conditions make farming a difficult and challenging one for them. The introduction of the Portable Drip Kit is a result of Netfim’s continued commitment to offering convenient technology. This kit will prove to be effective especially for the marginal farmers for better yield potential and productivity.”