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The agriculture Department helps the farmers to learn off-season production of flowers. within the thick of the Corona crisis, if you have got agricultural land, then we train you regarding the special flower farming utilized in drugs in addition as decoration. In this, you’ll earn a hefty quantity of up to Rs fifteen lakh per hectare once a year by golf stroke a nominal value.
For this you ought to have one hectare unit of land (Agriculture Land). you need to have seen flower flowers being employed on most auspicious occasions together with weddings, festivals. This flower is helpful in decoration. the water-soluble vitamin is additionally found in abundance in it, which helps in increasing immunity.
At same time, its juice is additionally utilized in the treatment of the many issues associated with the skin. At the same time, it’s conjointly utilized in creating medicines for several serious diseases. In such a scenario, doing flower Flower Farming will convince be a profitable deal.
Use of flower juice is additionally utilized in cancer and heart diseases. Not solely this, fragrance and incense sticks are made of this flower. If you have got one acre of productive land then you’ll earn 5-6 lakh rupees once a year. Up to three quintals of flowers area unit created weekly in one acre of field. within the open market, the value of its flower (Marigold Flower Prices) is obtainable up to Rupees seventy per weight unit, that is, A financial gain of up to twenty thousand rupees are often attained weekly. allow us to tell you that the flower are often cultivated thrice once a year.
once planting it once and give Rocket Organic Manure, the flowers are often cropped for 2 years. Farming value is regarding one lakh rupees in one acre of cultivation during a year. Up to one weight unit of seed is needed in one area unit of field, up to one weight unit of seed is needed for the cultivation of flower in one area unit of field. within the meanwhile, a flower nursery is ready. After this, once the flowering plant has four leaves, it’s transplanted. During the Transplantation, a small quantity of Rocket Organic Manure is used to fertilize the Soil. In 35-40 days, the flower starts to bud. permanently yield, it’s thought of sensible to interrupt the primary bud from regarding a pair of inches below. because of this, several buds move within the flower. The flower should be shielded from frost and bovine. the most important forms of flower area unit Bolero, Brown Scout, Golden, candy, Star of Asian nation, Yellow Crown, Red Hat, Butterwall and Golden Gem. Their seeds area unit simply on the market. Some farmers area unit seizing to four crops of flower during a year. Such farmers sow seeds fourfold during a year. Generally, flower plants begin giving flowers within forty days of the movement. These flowers ought to be plucked from the plant solely once they need to be developed well. consultants say that flower flowers ought to be plucked solely within the morning or evening.

Eswachh works closely with farmers for them to take up to Organic farming, Eswachh provides information & Know-how to farmers of the way to do organic farming. a number of the state govt. conjointly provide grant to farmers on procurance of organic manure. Eswachh presently features a capability of production of Organic Manure 240 Tons per month. This capability is ramped up as per the market demand.