Sukhwinder Kaur is a Polyhouse farmer, She has been in this business for the last 6 years, she has not only taken it as a profession but also promoting rooftop organic farming with households. To encourage others and set the right example she has set up a rooftop kitchen garden. She has used Rocket Organic Manure for her garden and got very good results.

In this video, she is informing that she has used Rocket Organic Manure for a Creeper and it has given excellent Growth to the Plant. She recommends Rocket to all garden lovers as this does not require any chemical fertilizer to be used and the product is 100% organic.

Rocket is the product of Eswachh Integrated Solutions Private Limited, Rocket is made from composting of vegetable waste and meets all the Parameters of the Fertilizer Control Order ( FCO 2009). One of the Key advantages of Rocket Organic Manure over Vermicompost ( Made from Cow Dung) is that it does not have pathogens, Herbicides & Weed. This is one of the concerns of the farmers as weed removal is very tedious.

Eswachh works closely with farmers for them to take up to Organic farming, Eswachh provides information & Know-how to farmers of the way to do organic farming. a number of the state govt. conjointly provide grant to farmers on procurance of organic manure. Eswachh presently features a capability of production of Organic Manure 240 Tons per month. This capability is ramped up as per the market demand.

Eswachh helps farmers to go organic and increase their income. Eswachh manufactures compost at its composting plants in Gurugram and Faridabad. The Organic manure brand name is ROCKET MANURE. Rocket manure is available online on Platforms like Amazon, Flipkart,