Sukhwinder Kaur is a Polyhouse farmer, She has been in this business for the last 6 years, she has not only taken it as a profession but also promoting rooftop organic farming with households. She has been using Rocket Organic Manure. To encourage others and set the right example she has set up a rooftop kitchen garden.

In this video, she is informing that she has used Rocket Organic Manure for her kitchen garden and within 45 days she is harvesting the vegetables with excellent growth. She has started harvesting the vegetables and is very satisfied with the results of Rocket organic Manure.

Better Harvest with Rocket Organic Manure

She recommends Rocket Organic manure to all garden lovers as this does not require any chemical fertilizer to be used and the product is 100% organic. Rocket Organic Manure is the product of Eswachh Integrated Solutions Private Limited,

Rocket is made from composting of vegetable waste and meets all the Parameters of the Fertilizer Control Order ( FCO 2009). One of the Key advantages of Rocket Organic Manure is that the garden lover gets more fruits and faster fructification. This gives farmers more revenue and the harvest can be done before time compared to the traditional way of fertilization Team@Eswachh