Gurugram has been termed as a millennium city but it has been plagued with old school waste dumping process. The waste collected from all the households is sent to the landfill at Bandwari. The waste gets dumped and produces dangerous greenhouse gases and other toxic fumes. From Last 2 days there has been an uncontrolled fire raging on the landfill which is emitting smoke and toxic fumes. The residents staying near the vicinity of the landfill have started complaining about health issues and the air smells of burning plastic, even up to Bristol Chowk. 

It is a very big health hazard that has been built in our city due to the non-implementation of the correct technology and unwillingness to break the legacy cartel of waste collectors.

Eswachh is a waste management company that worked with the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram to conduct the Proof of concept to collect segregated waste from every household which means the resource recovery from dry & wet waste. The collection process has been certified by MCG and reviewed and appreciated by the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) team from the central govt along with its composting efficiency.

Eswachh has also been operating a wet waste composting plant of a capacity of 10 Tons per day from last 11 months which converts the kitchen waste to high-grade organic manure in record 15 days and the technology has been developed to make it an odorless process. This has also been certified by the MCG.

Eswachh has also helped MCG to conduct Zero Waste Days campaigns every Monday, MCG started getting segregated wet waste from households of the tune of 250 Tons per day, which utilized the entire capacity of the Plant set up by Eswachh. 

The Above there initiatives of Eswachh was able to demonstrate that the entire waste of the city can be monetized and converted to a useful resource rather than a liability. Due to unknown reasons to civic society, these initiatives have not been scaled up to treat the entire waste of the city. This has been causing a huge loss to the Municipal Corporation for transporting the waste to Bandhwari and it has become a very big health hazard for the entire city of Gurugram and Faridabad.

Eswachh Integrated solution is a startup registered with DPIIT as waste management company, the Mobile technology developed for Door-2-Door collection and the Serum developed to compost wet waste is also developed by its sister concern in India. The Promoters of Eswachh are residents of Gurugram for last 2 decades and understand the problem and innovated the solutions to overcome the Problem in the long term and sustainable.