Digital CXO Round Table that aims to focus on Business growth through Digital Transformation for the SMEs segment. In a bid to identify the best practices in the domains of Technology innovations and Digital Transformation, the forum is being organized to discuss, brainstorm and dialogue on capturing the leadership expertise and insight towards accelerating the business journey with Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation is an ambitious program across the globe with a focus of preparing the Countries for the digital age that we are witnessing now. The objective of the forum is to discuss the various stopgaps and opportunities around building and sustaining a digital moat that is complete, wide, and deep. Digital transformation in businesses has to encompass a holistic approach towards rethinking the way an organization thinks, organizes, operates, and behaves
Mr. CP Singh ( Cheif Technology Officer & Co-founder) of Eswachh Integrated solutions was part of this round table conf. He presented how Eswachh has implemented the Door-to-Door (D2D) contactless waste collection management system. This system will be taken up by the urban local bodies and smart cities to get the segregated waste collected. using this technology Eswachh has been able to change the behavior of 95% of the residents in one month to give segregated waste, It used to take approx 9 months for any NGO to get the behavior change to that level.
Mr. CP Singh also talked about the unique serum that have been developed by their sister firm which enables them to compost the wet waste in 15 days odorless ( No smell). This technology is in huge demand due to huge real estate saving it does.
Other panelists with Mr. CP Singh on this forum were

Kumar GandhiFounderAriga Foods
Arvind KanaujiaDirectorAlpinesoft IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
Bhupendra RenjenCEOglobal nexus
Virendra KumarCEO/CIOInvestment Consultants
Vivek MittalDirectorShobit University

All the panelists discussed the about situation that has got created due to COVID-19. It has helped companies to digitally transform their businesses and processes.