Bhupinder Kaur is a women poly house farmer in Kharar, Mohali. She has been doing farming for the last 4 years and has tried using Rocket Organic Manure for Growing onions. She found that by using Rocket Manure the farmers are able to Get Faster Germination- Faster Growth of Plants

Bhupinder Kaur recommends the Rocket Organic Manure to all vegetable growers. Rocket Organic Manure is made from composted kitchen vegetables, Rocket Organic manure meets all FCO 2009 parameters and is very good for vegetable farming.

Eswachh is an End-To-End waste management company, We have developed state-of-the-art technology to do door-to-door collection which changes the behaviors of the households to give segregated waste.

Eswachh is also having Patented Serum which helps in community composting. The Compost is made in 15 days without any Smell/ Odour.