Eswachh is an End-To-End waste management company, We have developed state-of-the-art technology to do door-to-door collection which changes the behaviors of the households to give segregated waste. Eswachh has been instrumental in getting the Zero Waste City Program Rolled out in the City of Gurugram. Eswachh worked closely with residents and waste collectors to ensure segregated waste gets collected.

There are multiple posts dedicated to all the things we can buy to be zero waste. This is not one of them. Yes, sometimes the things that we buy are helpful in reducing our waste now and in the future – such as reusable produce bags or a compost bin. Buying things can be necessary. Consumables (things like dishcloths, scrubbing brushes, handwash) run out, and need to be replaced.

  1. But zero waste is not all about buying stuff. The zero-waste lifestyle is not a consumer lifestyle.. As Mahatma Gandhi Quoted  “Earth provides everything for every human need but not for greed”.
  2. If we continue to talk about zero waste living in terms of the things we can buy, and encourage more shopping and the accumulation of stuff, we’re staying on the consumer treadmill and still using resources at an alarming rate.
  3. Not to mention, as soon as we talk about buying stuff, zero waste appears to be only for those people not trying to stick to a budget.

The good news is, plenty of things that lead to living zero waste can be done for free! No spend required.

Here’s how you can embrace zero waste living without buying anything

  1. Used Glass Bottles (They are reusable)
  2. Use Wooden Toothbrush avoid Plastic
  3. Carry a Cloth Bag rather than shopping with Platic.
  4. Borrow Before you Buy.
  5. Compost your vegetable waste.
  6. Reusables for On the Go, Try to reuse the items you have purchased.