Swachh Bharat Mission’s Director Mr. Binay Kumar Jha visited Gurugram and saw the contactless segregated waste collection from households being adopted in sector 27 Gurugram operated by M/s Eswachh Integrated Solutions Pvt Ltd and also gave a brief visit at 10TPD wet waste composting plant operated by them.

Eswachh Composting Plant

Mr. C.P Singh (Co founder & CTO) gave a live demonstration of the Swachh Nagar app while it was collecting segregated waste at source, one of the key parameters of SBM 2.0 to achieve a truly integrated & transparent method of waste management in a smart city. M/S Eswachh has been providing their service in sector 27 Gurugram for more than 11 months now and consistently have proven that  source segregation is achieved in one month time and maintained at a level of 95% segregated waste provided by residents. Eswachh has demonstrated that decentralised resource recovery and waste to wealth is possible.

CP Singh Giving Demo of WCMS

Dr. Ashish Singhla who is heading the Swachh Bharat Mission in Gurugram commented that the use of technology is helping the administration to monitor the source segregation status to the household level. MCG will scale up this practice in many wards in the next few days and then to the remaining city.

Mr. Gaurav Wahi (Co-founder & CEO) explained to all present that they have been converting wet waste to a good quality compost that meets all 22 parameters of FCO guidelines and the compost is available to residents through eswachh website www.eswachh.world. The compost will be delivered to Gurugram residents free of cost on weekends. It’s already being supplied to other districts & states through online marketplace platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Eswachh has processed more than 300 Tonnes of wet waste in the last 11 months which could have landed in the landfill and source segregation also helped in the recovery of other recyclable resources much conveniently.