Farmers sprinkle fertilizers on a paddy field

The costs of fertilizer are going up in the worldwide market. Numerous worldwide components are influencing the costs. In the event that this period proceeds, there might be a fertilizer emergency in India as well. As of now, there is less extension for deficiency of fertilizer for the Kharif season, yet because of the expanded costs, homegrown organizations are keeping away from imports. In such a circumstance, ranchers might need to confront deficiency of manures in the forthcoming Rabi season.

Indian Farmers will have to rely on organic manure/ compost to get same yield from their crops. Govt. India is promoting organic farming and the use of organic manure to ensure less dependency on the imports of fertilizers.
Eswachh is a company with produces Organic manure from vegetables which are waste. The Quality of the organic manure meets all criteria of the Fertilizer control order 2009. The Organic manure produced is better than vermi compost as it is free from pathogens and weeds.
The Brand under which Eswachh is producing organic manure is Rocket Energising Soil and ESCC. Farmers are liking Rocket Organic manure as it has helped them to increase their yield.