Bell Pepper Produced with Rocket Organic Manure

Jatinder Singh an Engineer turned Progressive farmer having a Poly house at Mohali had used Rocket Organic manure for farming red and Yellow capsicum (Bell Pepper). They have been using NPK fertiliser only in their previous harvest. This year they have used Rocket with NPK Fertiliser when they planted the sapling in their poly house. They also sprinkled Rocket when they did GODI( Shuffle the Soil). The Advantage they got was that the texture of their soil has improved and the fructification of the plants happened very fast.

Better Yield received by Farmers by using Organic Manure

Jatinder Singh Commented that this year they have got better yield and quality of the capsicum. They have got better rates in the market from previous years for their crop.

The Poly house of Jatinder singh was also visited by National Horticulture Mission (NHM) Mr. Balbir Singh and was impressed to see the quality and quantity of the Bell Peppers produced at the Poly-house. NHM has also been promoting organic manure to various vegetable growers.

National Horticulture Mission Officers visiting Jatinder Singh Farm

Rocket organic manure is produced by Eswachh Integrated solution by composting vegetables at their plants. The Organic manure produced by Eswachh meets all the parameters of Fertiliser control order (FCO). The advantage of using Organic Manure to any farmer of garden lover are

  • Increasing organic matter and soil humus 
  • Increased Nitrogen fixation 
  • Protection of the soil surface 
  • Prevention of erosion 
  • Maintaining or improving soil structure 
  • Reduced susceptibility to leaching 
  • Access to unavailable nutrients from lower soil profile 
  • Provide readily available nutrients to the next crop
  • Providing ground cover to prevent damage to soil structure
  • Bringing crop nutrients up from lower soil profiles

With Rocket, the soil recovers from the ill effects of chemical fertilizers within a year of usage, while keeping the Yield high. Rocket Organic manure is a key fertilizer in organic and sustainable soil management. It provides the plant nutrients and is an excellent soil conditioner. Properly managed manure applications recycle nutrients to crops, improve soil quality, and protect water quality. It is most effectively used in combination with crop rotation, cover cropping, green manuring, liming, and the addition of other natural or biologically-friendly fertilizers and amendments.