Bamboo Farming in India get Subsidy
Subsidy on Bamboo Farming in India

Bamboo farming gives 40 lakhs in four years – Madhya Pradesh Forest Minister Dr. Kunwar Vijay Shah has said that the forest department should encourage the bamboo crop in order to give more profit to the farmers of the state with less effort and less risk. Along with this, grants are being made available to them and they are being made prosperous.

Bamboo Farming worth Rs 40 lakh is available in four years

From the fourth year of planting, a minimum of 10 bamboos per year grow to a height of about 40 feet. In this way, the same number of bamboos are available from 40 thousand plants. 100 per bamboo is sold. The beneficiary can get a crop of Rs 40 lakh from their sale. Transportation expenses are also not incurred by taking the crop from the bamboo buyer’s field.

Simultaneous production of other crops

Chilli, capsicum, ginger and garlic crops can be grown in the middle of bamboo rows. In the bamboo row, water is less in these crops and there is no adverse effect in summer, which leads to good production.

This is how Subsidy are received

On cultivating bamboo, the beneficiary gets a Subsidy of Rs 120 per plant in three years. A grant of Rs 60 is available in the first year, Rs 36 in the second year and Rs 24 for the third year.

More Information about Subsidy

The farmer can submit his application online at or in the office of the local forest officer.

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Bamboo Farming in India get Subsidy
Bamboo Farming in India get Subsidy