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This Category Contains Serum & Enzymes sold and traded by Eswachh

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A unique serum developed by combining micro-organisms for the conversion of waste to manure. Works in Individual units, decentralized units, and Landfills.

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Cure-VS ( Liquid Waste) is a special variant that has been created to treat septage water. One requires 1 liter of CURE-VS-LW to be put into 1000 Liters of septage water. Within few hours the process starts working and removes the bad odor of sewage, In the next 5-6 days the waste is converted to [...]

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Paralli Or Stubble is a big problem for farmers, they have to prepare the land for new seeding within 15-20 days of harvest. In that duration the stubble has to be managed and not put on fire. CURE-VS ( Stubble Version) is a serum that helps the farmers to decompose the Stubble in record 15 [...]